I’m Fernando, a Mexican 🇲🇽 statistician and data scientist passionate about social and political applications. I am currently sudying the MPhil/PhD in Statistics at the University of Warwick, where I also coursed the MSc. Within Statistics and Data Science, I found the perfect field(s?) to combine both my numerical and social inclinations. My favorite subjects in school were always math and history. Going into college, I ended up with a funny combination, studying both a quantitative and a qualitative degree: Actuarial Science and International Relations. After all:

The best thing of being a statistician is that you get to play in everyones’s backyard. John Tukey

I’ve found my work in consulting extremely rewarding. From pulic opinion polling to market research, applied Statistics make me learn something new everyday. Far from being the best artist, I enjoy doing data viz in all of my projects. It’s always satisfying when you have a better take or insight by means of better plots. I’ve also had the opportunity to teach probability to undergraduates, which I loved, so I’m looking forward to keep helping others in this way. My bachelor’s degrees dissertation was on multilevel binomial regressions on French electoral data, fitted through Hamiltonian Monte Carlo. At ITAM, I had the opportunity of being editor of Laberintos e Infinitos, one of the students’ magazines. At Warwick, I also colaborate with the Warwick Data Science Society.

On a lighter note, I’m an avid football fan, I mean football in both fútbol ⚽ and, well, 🏈 football... Always rooting for my beloved Necaxa ⚡ and the Miami Dolphins 🐬! although I am a much better table tennis player. I like reading historic novels and poetry, as well as dancing, singing, and playing the guitar, although I should do it more. Always looking to practice my French and Italian! Si alguien quiere practicar su español, a la orden 🙌.

Please, do get in touch at Fernando.Zepeda@warwick.ac.uk or on social media.

Some of my favorite tools

Most of my work is in R, within R Studio. When doing Bayesian statistics, my over the counter tool is Stan. I also enjoy building Shiny apps. Without all the people out there who created and maintain these tools, my work as a data scientist wouldn’t be the same. So, a big thanks to them! Click on the icons to visit their websites


M.Phil./Ph.D. in Statistics

University of Warwick

M.Sc. in Statistics

University of Warwick

B.Sc. in Actuarial Science

Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México
Magna Cum Laude (Mención Especial)
2019 Dissertation
2011-2016 Studies

B.A. in International Relations

Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México
Magna Cum Laude (Mención Especial)
2019 Dissertation
2011-2017 Studies


I’m always available for individual or groups tutorials in a range of topics including, but not limited to, probability and statistics, R, Shiny or Stan.

R Mentor

Warwick Data Science Society
Into the Tidyverse course

Teacher Assistant

UNAM-Facultad de Ciencias
Probability I


External Consultant

ThinkData MX
2020 - Current

Data Science Consultant

ThinkData MX
2019 - 2020

Sr. Statistical Analyst

2018 - 2019

Jr. Statistical Analyst

2016 - 2018


SRE-Embajada de México en Italia

Internal Sales Team Coordinator

ITAM-Revista Estudios (Filosofía, Historia, Letras)
2013 - 2015

Other activities

SSLC Chair Statistics Department

University of Warwick

Course Representative M.Sc. in Statistics

University of Warwick

Magazine Editor

Laberintos e Infinitos


The International Society for Bayesian Analysis

Junior Section of ISBA

Asociación Mexicana de Estadística

Warwick Data Science Society